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How to Get a Library Card

Who can get a Marion Carnegie Library card?

Everyone age 5 and up who lives within Marion city limits is eligible for a free Marion Carnegie Library card. Just bring photo identification (driver’s license or State ID is preferred) and a current piece of mail with a postmark within the last month (like a water bill, for example) to the library to obtain your card.

Children ages 5 to 17 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian to apply for a Marion Carnegie Library card. The parent or legal guardian must present his or her photo identification and proof of current address inside the city limits of Marion.

Please note: Good standing at all IHLS libraries is required in order to obtain a Marion Carnegie Library card.

Options for those who do not live within the Marion city limits:

Non-Resident Card

If you live outside Marion’s city limits, Illinois state law requires (75 ILCS 5 Illinois Local Library Act) that you pay a non-resident fee. This fee entitles you to a Marion Carnegie Library card for each member of your household. The current 1-year non-resident card fee is $112.50.

Property Owner Card

If you live outside the city limits of Marion, but own property inside the city limits, you are entitled to receive a Marion Carnegie Library card. You must present your photo identification and the current year’s property tax bill. You must renew your card annually.

Marion Unit 2 Student Card

Every student enrolled in Marion Unit 2 is eligible for a free Marion Carnegie Library card, even if they live outside city limits. Students should bring proof of current enrollment (like a Student ID or current year’s enrollment email) and a parent or guardian to the library to sign up. Student cards expire on July 31 following the current school year. To renew the card, simply bring proof of current enrollment back to the library with a parent or guardian.

Find out more about Student Cards here.

Temporary Card

Temporary cards are issued to Marion residents who are living in transitional housing. Temporary cards may be renewed every three months. Temporary cardholders are allowed modified privileges that include:

  • There is a check-out limit of one item per card.
  • A PIN will be issued to allow access to the library’s computers.