Young Adult's Department


You're never too old to dress up! The teens had a great time dressing up, eating food and playing Halloween games while school was out for the day. 

Happy Anniversary, Harry!

The tweens and teens celebrated the 20th anniversary of "The Boy Who Lived". Many of our staff members dressed up as a character from Harry Potter and some of the kids dressed up as well. We had themed snacks, played Harry Potter games and made wands and slime. It was a great time!

STEM: Balloon Powered Cars

On the second Wednesday of the month, ages 9-19 meet for STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) Club. We do a series of themed crafts/projects. For this meeting, the tweens/teens made balloon powered cars. Each patron had to assemble their car made of cardboard. They had to cut their tires out, assemble the axles and find correct positioning for the balloon. After they had made their car, they raced them. The tweens/teens found out quickly that placement of the axle, size of wheels and weight on the car made a difference. This was a fun experiment!