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Marion Carnegie Library may be contacted by telephone at (618) 993-5935 or through completing this online form. If you use this form, please remember to include your email address so we can get back to you.
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David Patton Director 
Erica Hanke Assistant Director 
Stacey Vinson Coordinator of Special Projects 
Judy Wolf Supervisor of Administration 
Dena Porter Supervisor of Operations 
Sarah Patton Head of Children's Services 
Linda Johnson Young Adult Coordinator 
Heather Hale Circulation Staff 
Charlotte Holliday Circulation Staff 
Andrea Sellars Circulation Staff 
Stephanie Ninness Circulation Staff 
Sara Morrison Circulation Staff 
Donna Halleran Technical Services 
Ann Reed Technical Services 
Pat Beai Technical Services 
Nick Boles Shelver 
Kirsten Moyers Shelver 
Paul Greif Custodian 
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