Children's Department

Disney Party

The Children's Department celebrated the children's love for Disney. The children could come dressed up as their favorite Disney character. We had princesses, Moana, Robin Hood, Jasmine and many more. There was a fun Jungle Book and Mickey Mouse photo booth along with Disney themed snacks. The children did a Monsters, Inc. and a Moana craft. After the party, many of the children enjoyed the showing of Moana. The children and staff has an awesome time!

Serengeti Steve

Guinness Book World Record holder, Serengeti Steve, is one of our favorite summer time performers. He brings lots of reptiles and some arachnids. He is super entertaining and teaches the kids so much while having a ton of fun! 

Story Hour - Eclipse

o celebrate the Total Solar Eclipse, the children had an eclipse story hour. They read a story about the sun and one about the moon. They had a short lesson about what happens during the Solar Eclipse. The children loved the movable craft so they could make their own eclipse. Story hour is every Tuesday and Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. for younger children.